”From an early age Payam had a feel for film and music. His father, Iraj Nazerian was one of the greats of the Iranian film and music industry. As a child, Payam often followed his father to recording . Payam recounts:

I remember the small rooms with a few chairs, a long table with microphones and on the opposite side of the room, a white screen. The actors would read their parts with special voices that matched those of the stars on the screen. My father stood in the middle and conducted the orchestra. It was wonderful to see how the mouths and voices matched the actors on the screen and made the screen image and story come alive.”

At that point the music or effects were not in the the film but were added later. When Payam later compared the finished film he understood the important, fantastic and meaningful role music had. His love of music grew.

1985 Payam moved to Sweden with his family. In 1988 he started the band ”Melika” (the root of which is the word ”Melaeke” which means ”angels” in Persian). Melika featured the singer Kami and won a music compitition in Stockholm. Payam went on to later produce a fantastic album with the band. Payam has also played for well known Iranian artists like Farshid Amin, Davood Behboodi and Dariush.

Payam loves challenges and has always lived to create something new. He needed instruments in order to compose. Between 1989 – 1990 he bought his first computer and started composing with it . An Atari 1024 with the music program Notator was the system he invested in. With this set up, one could record and arrange with help of MIDI up to 32 chanels. There wasn’t always enough memory so one had to record to tape in order to free space on the computer for more tracks. It was like that in those days.

1991 Payam approached Swedish record companies. Payam was the first Iranian to do a record in Sweden in Persian. Today there are many artists who mix music from different cultures in this way. One of the better known is Arash.

Payam has studied Afro-American Jazz and later continued his studies in composition, counterpoint, harmony and instrumention with emphasis on Western classical music.

From 1993 to 2010 i have worked with many new or unknown artists. He has written, arranged and produced more than twenty songs.